assert.h File Reference

#include <hid.h>
#include <debug.h>

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#define ASSERT(a)

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#define ASSERT (  ) 


if (!(a) && hid_debug_stream && hid_debug_level & HID_DEBUG_ASSERTS) \
  fprintf(hid_debug_stream, "*** ASSERTION FAILURE in %s() [%s:%d]: %s\n", \
      __FUNCTION__, __FILE__, __LINE__, #a)

Definition at line 11 of file assert.h.

Referenced by hid_compare_usb_device(), hid_extract_value(), hid_find_object(), hid_find_usb_device(), hid_get_feature_report(), hid_get_input_report(), hid_get_item_string(), hid_get_item_value(), hid_get_report_size(), hid_get_usb_handle(), hid_init_parser(), hid_interrupt_read(), hid_interrupt_write(), hid_prepare_hid_descriptor(), hid_prepare_parse_path(), hid_prepare_parser(), hid_prepare_report_descriptor(), hid_reset_parser(), hid_set_feature_report(), hid_set_item_value(), and hid_set_output_report().

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